Click on the links below to download copies of materials from our January, 2006 program CUBA: A Report on A Nearby but Distant Neighbor
No Child Left Behind, (Marty Schotz & Jane Crosby)
"A social worker and a psychiatrist describe impressions from their two week trip to Cuba in 2000."
Why We Refuse Licensing(Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization)
"Statement of principle explaining why Pastors for Peace refuses to apply for or accept a license from the US government for its humanitarian aid to Cuba."
Affirmative Action Cuban Style New England Journal of Medicine,( December, 2004)
"An article from the New England Journal of Medicine, December 23, 20-04, describing the Latin American Medical School in Havana where Cuba is thousands of medical students as well as ninety from US are enrolled."
"Socialism Cannot be built without a communist party" (July 1987) Interview with Fidel Castro  
"The Malign Idea to Provoke Armed Conflict between Cuba and the United States" ( April, 20003)
"Discussion by Cuban President Fidel Castro concerning a wave of hijackings encouraged by the US government, April 25, 2003" 
The Problem of Cuba and its Revolutionary Policy (Castro Speech to UN, September, 1960)
"An historic address by Cuban President Fidel Castro the United Nations, September 26, 1960 concerning the history of Cuba's relations wit the United States"
Defending Our Rights to Travel to Cuba (Jane Crosby & Marty Schotz in Granma)
"Our Experiences on the 16th Annual Pastors for Peace Friendshipment to Cuba."

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